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Institute of Intellectual Property, NTUT
MIP - Master of Intellectual Property
Curriculum Feature

    I.P. issues involve in proficiency of various fields, including technology, management, and law which the central ideas concerning multidisciplinary. NTUT has advantages of setting up an I.P. department because it owns management institute and college of design, the relative territories of I.P., in addition to the classical and extraordinary departments of technology or engineering. Our institute will integrate the present educational resources, cultivating students and professionals of I.P. by multi-disciplinary researches in teaching more effectively, giving the industry, research and development offices and attorneys to understand more about I.P. profession.

    Furthermore, our institute employs instructors from the industry to not only enhance the practical experiences of students but also strengthen the connection between students and enterprises. The interaction improves the practical skills in I.P. of students by multi-disciplinary courses and hands on education.



Contact: Office of International Affairs,  Taipei  Tech