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Institute of Intellectual Property, NTUT
MIP - Master of Intellectual Property
Development & Prospects


The Institute has a record of high levels of student satisfaction and prides itself on the level of pastoral care, mentoring and support. The support includes providing study skills advice, assisting students in the preparation for nation examination, aiding students to achieve their maximum potential in preparation for their eventual career and support students every step of way.

In the early phase, the graduates and alumnus of Taipei Tech were prestigious for their proficiencies. The campus with prime location in Taipei city attracts outstanding academic and industrial advisors to join the faculty, solidify the connection among the university and enterprises. Through this connection, students are able to broaden their visions and become global talents, overcome their proficiencies to integrate all the interdisciplinary professionals in IP field. Since receiving education in Taipei city, the modern city of economic development, research, and study, with plenty of opportunities of internships and positions, the graduates of IIP not only can take a close step to the most advanced legal system in the nation, but also become high-qualified, competitive talents if their strengths in IP Management are integrated with the technology and engineering. 

The world tendency today is emphasizing more and more in protecting Intangible Assets and Knowledge Economic, therefore, the graduates of our institute possess more chances to join the industry. Precisely, undergraduate students are also allowed to study in IP program. They can acquire double degrees, along with their interdisciplinary strengths. Moreover, graduates of our department have various career choices, such as IP lawyers, patent attorneys, patent/ trademark examiners, or consultants.

Our institute widely communicates with technology law education departments of the U.S.A., Japan, and E.U., we have built up cooperation with them for a viewpoint of “root in Taiwan yet assist Taiwanese enterprises” to create more opportunities and improve abilities for students in both their careers and academic.




Contact: Office of International Affairs,  Taipei  Tech