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Institute of Intellectual Property, NTUT
MIP - Master of Intellectual Property
Taipei Tech IIP Introduction



In an era of knowledge economy and globalization, IP acquirement, protection and effective management become critical foundations of competitiveness for each  enterprise and nation.  With an increasing demand of people’s engagement in the IP field, National Taipei University of Technology established “the Institute of Intellectual Property” which started to enroll students in 2011. The Institute intends to cultivate potentials with international outlooks and skills in the global knowledge industry based on the exchange trend and the demand of business between Taiwan and China. Additionally, excellent faculties are recruited and work with the Institute.

Graduates can choose their desired careers, such as patent examiners of the Intellectual Property Office, technical review officers of the Intellectual Property Court, patent drafters, patent (trademark) attorneys, or professionals on the IP management for working for enterprises or law firms. 

Based on the consideration of the trend of IP developments, the Institute also recruits adjunct faculties in the practice in order to facilitate interactions between students and enterprises, i.e., to assist graduate students to seek internships as patent prosecutors or legal associates in the enterprise.


Mission Statement 

Based on the developments of national key science and technology and NTUT, this Institute takes advantages of predominant technological bases of NTUT to aim for a forward-looking and professional institute. The Institute intends to educate outstanding graduate students as cross-disciplinary professionals, to enhance IP protection for research and development of state and to promote the industrial level in Taiwan.

Furthermore, this Institute integrates faculties of various specialties residing in northern Taiwan based on the geographical convenience in Taipei, and creates an integrated platform for industry-university collaborations and strategic alliances, so as to enhance the strengths of the Institute in the fields of industry, government, academic research.

Based on the exchange trend and the demand for business between Taiwan and China, the Institute cultivates IP professionals with international outlooks and skills in cross-strait knowledge industries.

This Institute also endeavors to integrate teaching resources of departments and institutes in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, to promote cooperation among colleges in NTUT and alliances among universities.  Furthermore, the Institute manages the records of alumni engaging in IP business and the fruits of research and development of NTUT, and seeks internships for students.

According to the principle of “Technology and Science as a base, and Intellectual Property as a tool,” this Institute aims to arrange “Practical” and “Diversified and cross-disciplinary” courses to improve students’ abilities and capabilities in the IP fields.

The Institute recruits adjunct faculties from related fields of business, facilitates interactions between students and enterprises, and educates students with global vision according to the trend of IP developments.

        This Institute actively counsels and assists graduate students to seek internships as patent prosecutors, legal associates in the IP field for the demand of industrial developments.




Contact: Office of International Affairs,  Taipei  Tech